Cherries on way to "superfruit status"

US: Cherries on way to "superfruit status"

Innova Market Insights suggests that increased knowledge in the health bestowing benefits of cherries has led to a consumer popularity rise, which, in turn, has led to more use of the fruit in juices. It has been said that the cherry is on its way to 'superfruit' status. 

Orange and apple still enjoy the domination of the top spots, but cherry does now feature in 7% of all juice and juice beverage drinks launched last year, a rise from 4% just five years ago. 

Many of these drinks are blends, within which cherry is just an ingredient. However, there are an increasing number of pure cherry products on the market. These are increasingly even specifying what variety of cherry is being used in the production. 

"Cherry juices are clearly increasing in popularity and increasingly carrying a 'superfruits' branding in wake of a growing body of research linking sour cherries to a whole range of health benefits," said Lu Ann Williams, research manager for Innova Market Insights. "This, combined with their unique sweet-sour taste properties, looks set to boost demand and carry cherries still further up the rankings in terms of soft drinks flavor use."


Original publication date: 3/16/2012

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