Specialty Products

YAAX offers several specialty items including Agave, Almond Paste, Avocado, Maca Powder, Prickly Pear, and Bulk Wine.  Please ask us about any specialty or unique ingredient you are looking for - we may have it!


Agave is available as Syrup (or Nectar), Sweet Powder, and Inulin Powder.  Please see our Agave page for more information or call us for details.

Almond Paste

We can offer Almond Paste in industrial volumes packed in Drums or Pails.  Almond Paste is packed in various ways, including with or without Skin, Roasted, Raw, Salted, Oiled, or Plain.


YAAX offers Frozen Avocado as Puree, Halves, Slices, or Cubes.  Avocado Puree can be plain, acidified, or seasoned.

Maca Powder

Maca Powder is made from the Maca Root which is native to the high Andes of South America.  Maca is grown primarily for its nutritional and health benefits.  It is used in Food, Beverage, and Nutraceutical applications.  YAAX can offer 100% Maca Powder, as well as water-soluble extract powders.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear is part of the cactus family and is also known as "Tuna" or "Nopal".  Prickly Pear grows wild in Mexico.  Depending on your needs, YAAX may be able to supply Prickly Pear Juice Concentrate and/or Puree.  

Bulk Wine

YAAX can be the one-stop provider for all of your wine needs. Located in the heart of Washington State’s thriving wine country and as part of the Pacific Rim, YAAX is uniquely positioned to offer the wine solution that is right for you.

Advantages and Offerings:
• Most Varietals Available
• Bottled Wine
• Bulk Wine
• Contract Production/Bottling
• Custom Blending
• Private Label
• Premium Labels
• Targeted Price Points
• Dark Red Wines for Color Enhancement

Natural Sweeteners

Organic & conventional sweet potato juice concentrate

Other Products

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