YAAX has over 25 years experience sourcing unusual ingredients and common commodities from all over the world.  Our personnel travel the globe to seek out the highest quality bulk ingredients, audit factories, and build strong relationships with the best producers.

Co-Pack Arrangement

YAAX can help arrange for your product to be manufactured to your specification by a qualified packer.  Both specialty custom products and more commodity-oriented products can be produced to fill your needs.

Private Label

YAAX will arrange for other companies’ products to be manufactured under your label.

New Product Formulations

YAAX works with companies developing new products in a variety of fields including beverage, dairy, bakery, confection, main meal, pet food and others.  This can be done in various confidential ways including consulting.


YAAX can facilitate consulting for companies that want to develop new products or systems.  This can start with simple one-time product development projects and can lead to ongoing development and revisions of new or existing products.

Document Assistance & Trade Services

If your company needs assistance in export or import documentation, as well as other global trade requirements, YAAX can help.  Our staff has extensive training and broad experience in global trade.  Please utilize our staff if your project needs help in these areas.

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