How Cranberry Juice fights against infections?

Does cranberry juice has antiseptic properties? Can it fight against infections? People consume cranberries on a day to day basis to improve their immune system. Some eat it with salad, while some purchase sweetened cranberry juice. However, it’s believed that raw cranberry is more effective than adulterated forms.

However, it's a common query about the functioning of cranberry. What does it do? How does it treat cystitis?

There are three possible reasons for the above questions.

1. Acidifying or alkalizing action: It is said that an acidic environment can cure bladder or kidney stones. Cranberries also have high vitamin C content which makes the urine all the more acidic. However, you need to drink high concentration of cranberry juice to fight against the infections. Women with negative urine culture can also consume cranberries to reduce the symptoms of bladder infections.

2. Inhibiting bacterial microbes: The urinary tract infections are caused due to E-coli bacterium that sticks to the bladder walls and impairs functioning of urinary bladder. The cranberry juice contains condensed tannins and proanthocyanidins that restrict the sticking of bacterium on the bladder walls. Later on, the bacterium gets flushed out of the urinary tract. It can also be used to treat stomach ulcers and tooth decay.

3. Cranberries are effective antioxidants. Two glasses of cranberry juice can keep the bacterial infections at a bay. The natural remedy improves the immune system of the body. Moreover, the juice dampens the smell of urine which is a common phenomenon among individuals using catheters. People who are victim of recurrent UTI can notice decreased infection after consumption of cranberry juice.

So, bring a small change in your lifestyle. Drink cranberry juice regularly and strengthen your immune system. If you can't drink the sour juice, then you can purchase cranberry capsules or tablets. So, purchase now and get rid of the infections.

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